I’m Here to Convince you to see America

American travelers often believe that leaving the country is the only way to experience the world. While international trips are a guaranteed adventure, don’t count out your own backyard for the same experience. Some of the most jaw dropping destinations I’ve visited are right here in America. People from all over the world come HERE¬†to see the wonders nature has to offer. So why shouldn’t you?

Each state has something entirely different to offer.¬†I’ve driven across country three times and I’ve notice that you can always tell when a new state is coming up by the changing of the landscape.¬†The color of the dirt is different, the plants begin to change, and the hills and mountains are even shaped different from the last. The drive alone is what really made me fall in love with America.

Due to the vast size of our country, we¬†really have it all: frozen tundras to tropical beaches, the wild west to mega metropolis’. We have hot springs, geysers, gigantic mountains, beautiful reefs, underwater lakes and rivers, the hottest desert in the world, the most famous waterfall in the world, we have forests, valleys, ocean coast lines…. the list goes on and on.

The benefits of traveling in your own country are expansive, as well. Think about it, you aren’t charged international fees when using your credit card,¬†¬†domestic flights can be found for as little as $60 round trip, you already speak the language, and even though we’re all Americans, each borough holds its own culture. But¬†the big¬† bonus: your cell phone works with out outrageous fees!¬†….Also,¬†It’s slightly embarrassing when you meet a foreigner who has explored more of your country than you have. (been there)¬†All you need is a three-day weekend, a game plan, about $400, and your ready to go! Yes, $400, I swear!

While you’ll see international blog posts on¬†my page, as well, I wanted to dedicate this blog mostly to traveling the U.S.A.- AKA The Greatest Goddamn Country in the World!