Americans are so blessed to have every landscape from freezing tundra to tropical paradise. It makes it that much easier to travel to undiscovered lands in only a few hours. For the full time worker or full time student, it can be hard to find time to explore the globe. That is why I highly suggest doing so on those 3 day weekends! We all get an extra day off of work every now and then. And if you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with cashing in that sick day for a ‘mental health’ day! There are so many places near and far that you only need 3 days to see! Check out my post on How to Travel with a Full Time Job for more tips! For those of you ready for 3 day travel inspiration check out these great travel guides below!

Working full time and can only escape on a 3 day weekend? Then these travel guides are for you!


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Hi, I’m Nicole! I made the great migration from South Florida to San Francisco and along my journey I witnessed firsthand how amazingly beautiful America truly is. You think you know a state because you’ve seen a few pictures and heard a few stories…. you haven’t seen anything yet! I mean- it’s not called ‘America the Beautiful’ for nothing. 🇺🇸 Follow me on my journey to see all of America with some international stops as well- one 3 day weekend at a time.




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